Practice Areas & Industries

OUR EXPERTISEAffordable Specialised Legal Advice For Individuals and Businesses.

Our Practice Areas & Industries focus on the all-inclusive role we play to our clients as we provide expert, genuine, and bespoke legal advice and solutions to individuals, SMEs, and institutions.

Our bold, remarkable, comprehensive legal advice and solutions cover the practice areas and industries of  Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Regulatory Advisory & Compliance and Intellectual Property, so whatever your situation is, it will be familiar to us. Our experienced and diverse team combines expertise with exceptional service on what matters most to you.

That’s why we stand by our ethos of “your business, our solutions” as we believe that we play a complementary role to our clients whether they’re individuals, small, medium, or large businesses or institutions.

We ensure you have a solution with the right experience and approach for you.
Client care is at the heart of all we do.
We will provide a detailed cost estimate before you agree to proceed with any brief.
We will identify the best way to achieve your goals in a way that is realistic and attainable.
We aim to provide our services and advice in a timely manner, after all, time is money.

Banking & Finance

We offer unique and highly personalised professional legal services to individuals and businesses so that our clients can focus on what matters most to them.

Intellectual Property

We serve clients at the cutting edge of science and technology and provide services that ensure our clients realise the full potential of their ideas and hard work.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide advisory services on all aspects of compliance with the Laws of Kenya, East Africa, and the COMESA region applicable to various sectors including finance, insurance, capital markets, pensions & private equity funds.

INDUSTRIESTechnology, Aviation, Financial Services & More.

We operate in a broad range of industries and sectors across Kenya, East Africa and the COMESA region. Our experience and legal expertise ensures that we can work with clients to achieve their objectives.


We work with companies of all sizes, providing strategic guidance in the creation, acquisition, use, commercial exploitation and regulatory compliance of technology and innovations.

Life Sciences

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies come to our law firm not just because we have the right expertise or the best people, but because we put in the work it takes to understand the sector.


We provide legal services to the aviation industry - manned or unmanned, software solutions, and aviation acquisitions.

Financial Services

In times of crisis and in times of prosperity, our ability to provide legal advice, solutions, and service that provide a clear path for our clients through this dynamic and complex sector lets them focus on running their business and minimise regulatory surprises.

Telecommunications & Media

We advise on all aspects of the telecommunications, media and entertainment sectors. As a client, you can benefit from our industry knowledge, strategic thinking, technical advice, and commerciality.

Energy & Infrastructure

Across each and every stage of a project’s lifecycle, we are able to provide legal advice, solutions, and services to our clients so that they remain nimble enough to adapt to market changes, while they focus on leading the way on the largest and most complex transactions.
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