Assisting all businesses and individuals in Kenya with tax disputes and tax audits by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Through our tax law practice, the lawyers of Clay & Associates Advocates offer advice and counsel to clients with regard to the rules, policies, and laws related to taxes, as dictated by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

For our clients engaged in international trade and commerce, taxation may also include duties on imports from foreign countries and all compulsory levies imposed by the government upon individuals for benefit of the state.

Whether your business has a local, national, or global scope, we can help with proactive strategies to minimize your liabilities and keep you compliant, driving your business to greater success.

Clay & Associates Advocates has lawyers with 360 degrees of tax expertise, which means that we can advise you on almost any Kenyan tax issue you encounter.

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Our specialist international tax lawyers can help you stay compliant with domestic and some international regulations and ensure you don’t pay any more tax than you have to.

Clay & Associates Advocates’ expert Tax lawyers can create trusts as a structure to maintain family wealth and mitigate tax.

For our personal injury clients, we work closely with our Litigation & Arbitration team to advise on the implications of setting up a personal injury trust or disabled person’s trust.

Our team has the technical skill and know-how for off-shore tax and succession planning. Our Tax lawyers can help those that are planning to move or invest in Kenya or are planning to leave Kenya with any related tax planning, ongoing tax compliance, or reporting obligations.

Our experts can help protect investment properties whether that is held personally, in a family investment company, or in a trust.

If you are looking for a Nairobi-based tax law firm that can combine the practicalities of legal documentation, tax, and compliance as a seamless service we are the fit.

Whether you are selling a second home, your business, shares, digital assets, Intellectual Property rights, or other assets, our experts can help you to minimise or sometimes eliminate the payment of Capital Gains Tax arising on the disposal of these assets at a profit.

Collaborative Approach


Staying legally compliant while taking advantage of all tax efficiency opportunities is complicated, time-consuming, and requires deep technical knowledge. Clay & Associates Advocates’ dedicated international tax lawyers can advise on bespoke domestic and some international tax strategies and manage them on your behalf.

International tax often involves a wide range of related legal issues such as corporate law, litigation & arbitration, capital markets, intellectual property, immigration, fintech, property, trusts, and estates. We work closely with colleagues specialising in all these areas and more so you’ll always get a fully comprehensive strategy, whatever your situation.

As a full-service law firm, our tax lawyers work closely with other professionals and accountants to provide practical advice to any individual who is subject to a personal tax investigation in Kenya.

We always explore with clients the best and most cost-efficient solution for our fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Tax legal Services does the law firm offer clients in Kenya?

Our law firm’s tax law expertise includes the following:

  • Compliance and disclosure.
  • Contentious tax law matters, including in relation to cross-border assets and offshore trusts.
  • Advice to private individuals including those with an international connection in relation to their Kenyan tax position, often involving the interaction of business and personal affairs.
  • Mediation between taxpayers and the Kenya Revenue Authority.
  • Advice and representation for clients undergoing investigation.
  • Tax planning and advice related to business property and share transfers, and corporate restructuring.
  • Negotiating and drafting documents dealing with tax risk.
  • Tax advice and drafting relating to financing arrangements.
Who is a Kenyan tax resident?

Most countries tax you differently depending on whether or not you’re considered ‘tax resident’.

Tax residence is a different concept from actual residency. This means that you might legally be a tax resident somewhere even if you don’t consider it to be your home.

Tax residence is usually based on:

  • How long have you been in the country
  • Where your family live
  • Where you work
  • If you own a home in the country
  • How much money and assets you own in the country
  • Where the centre of your life is.

There is also a handy guide for Kenyans in the diaspora/abroad.

The different tax laws in different countries can sometimes conflict, which could mean that you’re a tax resident in multiple countries or that you pay tax on the same income twice.

What international tax legal services does the law firm offer in Kenya?

At our law firm, we offer international tax advice and legal services to individuals and businesses including:

  • Cross-border investments
  • International finance products
  • International transactions
  • Ongoing tax planning
  • International tax planning
  • Trader taxation
  • Deferred compensation & share options
  • Structured finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of “tax shelters”
  • Tax treaties
Does Kenyan tax law affect properties I own in different countries?

We can help with a wide range of issues that might come up if you own property or assets in Kenya as well as multiple countries, including:

  • Kenyan tax returns
  • Asset protection
  • Will writing and estate planning
  • Forced heirship laws, in certain countries, that restrict who can inherit your assets.

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