Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation & arbitration law firm representing individuals and businesses in a wide variety of disputes in Kenyan courts, administrative hearings, mediations, and arbitrations.

Our lawyers apply legal experience and professional zeal, our litigation team works closely with clients and the firm’s other practice areas to make informed and strategic decisions tailored to each client’s business goals and the unique circumstances underlying any dispute.

Clay & Associates Advocates’ litigation team routinely represents clients in a wide variety of civil litigation including in the corporate, construction, employment, real estate, and tax contexts.

Our lawyers also have deep experience representing clients, as both plaintiffs and defendants, in complex business disputes involving shareholders, directors, and officers, as well as in lawsuits stemming from tax disputes, unfair competition, breach of contract, and fraud.

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Litigation & Arbitration


The lawyers in Clay & Associates Advocates’ litigation team provide our clients with comprehensive conflict resolution services including:

  • Pre-litigation counseling
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Expert witness services
  • All stages of litigation, including trial, as well as appellate proceedings

Our law firm counsels and defends clients in matters involving sensitive negotiation strategies, complex business transactions, sophisticated technology disputes, and products liability, and even personal injury cases.

Our highly effective and neutral arbitrators are committed to helping resolve disputes through communication, reconciliation, and negotiation between the parties.

Our law firm’s litigators have deep trial experience, and when it best serves our clients’ interests, we will represent and defend you through trial, verdict, and appeal.

We are first and foremost mindful of your business, needs, and goals, and will work with you to examine various strategies to get the best results, successfully and efficiently. You can count on us today, let us take it from here.

Collaborative Approach


Our team is equally skilled in resolving litigation through alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, neutral evaluation, negotiation, and early settlement.

Our lawyers work with the Corporate, Intellectual Property, Private Client, and Tax teams to assure full-spectrum representation and depth of coverage for our clients.

Our team actively creates an environment whereby parties are able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their case while offering creative solutions that lead to a mutually acceptable settlement.

Our mediators clearly understand both the defendant’s and the plaintiff’s perspective.  Our team is committed to the mediation process and believes that the right mediator can make a difference in the resolution of litigated and non-litigated issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the law firm resolve litigation or arbitration disputes?

This area of practice typically includes disputes that relate to the following types of business issues:

  • Limits on competition, such as disagreements that involve noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation agreements, and nondisclosure agreements.
  • Misuse of intellectual property that involves trade secrets, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and service marks.
  • Fraud and deceptive trade practices involve, for example, claims that products have been misrepresented, consumer protection laws have been violated and that false statements have been used to land a contract.
  • Abuses of trust may involve the breach of a fiduciary relationship that requires a heightened level of responsibility and trust.
  • Employment disputes involve a wide range of issues, such as overtime, disabilities, health and pension benefits, discrimination, and wrongful discharge.
  • Breach of contract is perhaps the most common form of business dispute and typically involves a disagreement as to whether one side or the other to a contract has properly performed its contractual duties or, perhaps, whether one party has been excused from performance by acts of the other party.
  • Tortious interference with a contract may frequently spring out of an agreement that limits competition, whereby one person is contractually obligated to not engage in a certain activity involving a third party who ignores the contractual limitation and attempts to do business with the third party in a manner that is contractually precluded.

When you are faced with commercial litigation issues, you need the assistance of an experienced commercial litigation lawyer.

Clay & Associates Advocates offers clients across all industries and throughout Kenya comprehensive commercial litigation and dispute resolution services, ranging from complex commercial transaction disputes and corporate tax litigation to relatively straightforward contract disputes.

Our lawyers are able to separate the forest from the trees while working with our clients to ensure that litigation is handled in a manner that forwards our clients’ ultimate goals. Our law firm will work closely with you to resolve the immediate issue and to help ensure that similar issues can be avoided in the future.

What litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution legal services does the law firm offer?

Our lawyers are best experienced in general commercial and civil litigation matters, with a specialty in employment/labor disputes, as well as commercial conflicts between manufacturers, customers, vendors, business partners/affiliates, and insurers/insureds.

Our other practice areas include:

  • Admiralty & Maritime
  • Antitrust/Competition Counseling
  • Appellate
  • Arbitration And Mediation
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Bankruptcy, Financial Restructuring & Reorganization
  • Civil Pretrial & Trial Services
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction & Design Professional
  • Cyber-Risk; Privacy & Data Security
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Energy/Oil & Gas Law
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Franchising
  • Government
  • Health & Pharmacy Law
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • International Disputes
  • Litigation & Risk Management
  • Media & Communications Law
  • Political Law & Litigation
  • Private Investment Funds
  • Products Liability Litigation & Counseling
  • Real Estate
  • Securities & Private Equity
  • Trade Secrets And Restrictive Covenants
  • White-Collar Litigation & Investigations
What can I do after being sued in Kenya?

What sets our law firm apart is our lawyer’s effective, creative problem-solving skills, and their preparedness to take any case to trial if the need arises.

When you are faced with commercial litigation issues, you need the assistance of an experienced commercial litigation lawyer. Clay & Associates Advocates offers clients across all industries and throughout Kenya comprehensive commercial litigation and dispute resolution services.

Our team of commercial litigators provides a full range of litigation services tailored to the needs of our specific clients, both large and small.

By way of example, and not limitation, our commercial litigators have substantial national experience in business torts, construction, corporate governance, directors and officers liability, environmental, insurance, intellectual property and trade secrets, and real estate.

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