Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property lawyers that help entrepreneurs and businesses protect and monetize their brands, inventions, trade secrets, and creative works in alignment with strategic company goals.

All businesses are born from an idea or concept for a product or service, many of which are built on a foundation of unique ideas for products and services. The success of these businesses can hinge completely on the effectiveness of legal counsel in protecting corporate intellectual property.

Companies must protect intellectual property from a variety of angles, including their dealings with employees, vendors, and partners. In protecting the intellectual property of our clients, Clay & Associates Advocates has built considerable experience in the drafting, review, and negotiation of various intellectual property-focused licensing and acquisition agreements, as well as confidentiality, non-disclosure, and employment agreement sections related to the protection of intellectual property.

Our lawyers have many capabilities that serve the interests of our clients, with advocates focused on intellectual property areas of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Regarding enforcement, we also help our clients in sending and responding to cease-and-desist letters related to patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Creative services provided by Clay & Associates Advocates’ legal staff include naming of products and services, as well as vetting potential trademarks prior to filing.

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Intellectual Property


As intellectual property becomes an increasingly integral part of the global marketplace, we seek to assist our clients in recognizing the potential value in their IP and capitalizing on tools and expertise that may not be identified and protected.

At Clay & Associates Advocates, we pride ourselves on the technical qualifications and industry knowledge of our lawyers. This combination, as well as in-depth patent and trademark law training and experience, allows us to offer a full range of IP services, from protecting your IP assets to assisting in the development and management of a growing IP portfolio.

We are first and foremost mindful of your business, needs, and goals, and will work with you to examine various strategies to get the best results, successfully and efficiently. You can count on us today, let us take it from here.

Collaborative Approach


Securing and commercializing IP rights requires dealings with others, be it a collaborator, business partner, employee, independent contractor, supplier, investor, buyer, or seller. Well-drafted agreements protect IP assets and ensure a successful business relationship.

Our intellectual property legal services can provide you with clear IP agreements, assuring that the parties know their rights and obligations upfront which can avoid costly litigation.

Our law firm offers IP Management & Strategic Counselling, as well as Licensing & IP Transactions services that not only bolster the value of your current IP assets but also help identify and manage a strong IP portfolio that complements business goals, maximizes profits, and offers a dynamic advantage in the marketplace.

While our law firm stays committed to the day-to-day protection of your Intellectual Property assets, we will also have our lawyers specifically focus on developing and monetizing the associated IP portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Intellectual Property Management Services does the law firm offer clients in Kenya?

Our Intellectual Property lawyers can provide you or your company with the following legal services to ensure you and your business are benefiting as best you can from your assets:

  • IP audits to distinguish all assets
  • Strategic portfolio development and management
  • Development of internal IP management practices
  • In-house seminars to assist in the implementation of these practices
  • Recognizing competition in the marketplace
  • Increasing brand exposure with the counsel of our Regulatory, Advertising & Marketing practice group
Do I need legal advice for my patent in Kenya?

Patents are often a client’s most valuable asset, but evaluating inventions, reviewing patentability issues, procuring patents, devising global patent protection strategies, negotiating licenses and agreements, and dealing with infringement issues can be complex.

At Clay & Associates Advocates, patent law is a key part of our intellectual property practice. We apply a pragmatic business approach to each client’s patent matters to obtain results consistent with the client’s business needs.

Our lawyers and patent agents advise clients on all issues involving patents and designs including providing advice on the patentability of inventions, the validity of patents, and infringement of patents for technology owned by clients or claimed to be owned by others.

The following is a list of intellectual property legal services that our Patent lawyers provide:

  • Negotiating and preparing licenses, assignments, security interests, and other agreements for inventions, designs, and patents
  • Performing a patent audit
  • Identifying areas where patent or design protection can be obtained or extended
  • Devising strategies to assist in managing a patent portfolio
  • Evaluating patent portfolios of clients
  • Evaluating patent portfolios of others
  • Due diligence in commercial transactions of all kinds
  • Right to manufacture or use studies
What trademark protections are avaible in Kenya and how can lawyers help me?

Trademarks constitute an important and valuable component of the assets of many businesses and companies in their intellectual property portfolio.

Clay & Associates Advocates’ trademarks lawyers offer unparalleled experience in all aspects of trademark acquisition, registration, and enforcement, which ensure that our clients’ trademarks are managed and protected effectively and efficiently in Kenya and internationally.

The following is a list of services that our trademarks lawyers provide in Kenya:

  • How to register a trademark in Kenya
  • Strategic advice on managing national and international trademark portfolios
  • Trademark infringement and counterfeiting litigation and settlement
  • Searching, clearing, filing, and registering trademarks and domain names
  • Opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Negotiating and litigating trademark, trade name, trade dress, unfair competition, and comparative advertising disputes
  • Providing transaction advice and due diligence in the evaluation and management of intellectual property in acquisitions, mergers, financings, and bankruptcies
  • Negotiating and drafting licenses and franchise agreements
  • Advising on and conducting domain name disputes before the courts, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and other administrative tribunals
  • Advising on other trademarks, confidentiality, and unfair competition issues that arise in cyberspace and e-commerce such as linking, framing, meta-tagging, and cyber staffing
  • Advising on rights of personality and privacy

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